Ben Way (Rainmakers): “I made 30 million dollars when I was 17 and lost it all by the time I was 20.”
Drew Houston (Dropbox): “Everything you’re doing is basically something you’re just barely qualified for or not qualified for. It’s like jumping off a cliff and having to build your own parachute.”
Zach Klein (Vimeo): “I remember writing letters to my friends and family saying ‘I’m sorry, you don’t know me anymore’ that sort of thing. I just sorta let all my relationships go. Nothing was as important as this.”
Hermione Way (The Next Web): “Entrepreneurship is kinda like the new smoking. It’s cool to be creative. It’s cool to be making something.”

De Nederlandse première van de documentaire The Startup Kids begint woensdag 6 februari 2012 om 20.00 uur in De Balie in Amsterdam.